JJzxander Dives into His Personal Journey with New Release “By My Side/My Oh My”


JJzxander, the rising artist, has just released his latest single, “By My Side/My Oh My,” which delves into his personal journey of self-discovery and acceptance. The track takes listeners on a journey, showcasing the happy and sad sides of JJzxander’s life.

The opening half of the song gives us a glimpse into how the world sees JJzxander and the expectations placed on him by others. However, in the second half, JJzxander takes a deep dive into his personal journal, revealing his true self and the struggles that he faces on a daily basis.

The powerful message behind “By My Side/My Oh My” is that JJzxander is still a regular person, despite the high expectations that others have for him. The track is a testament to his dedication to breaking the mould and setting his own path.

Looking ahead, JJzxander has big plans for 2023. He aims to bring more music and visuals to his fans and break the expectations set for him, pushing the boundaries even further.

With “By My Side/My Oh My,” JJzxander shows us his vulnerability and emotional depth, and his willingness to share his journey with his fans. The single is a testament to his talent as an artist, and songwriter, and we can’t wait to see what he has in store for us next.


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