Believe us, this project will make you start the week in the best way. MAURY’s creativity has no limit as he unveils his project that navigates us through hip-hop rap.   “SUMMER” is absolutely appealing and definitely stands out from the crowd.  

This guy may not waste time on a lot of hype, but he definitely has some skills. The music speaks for itself. He can maintain a tight flow at impressive speeds and adapts to abrupt pacing changes with ease as he raps over a surprisingly complex beat. It’s one of those quick-witted beats that oscillate unpredictably and keeps you on your toes. 

The song contains elements of nostalgia and heartbreak. MAURY  goes into such an impressive vibe that one can visualize it in “Summer”.  The delivery combines rap and electronic styles, while a dreamlike beat and delightful artist backing vocals set the ambiance. It’s a solid song with a story that will keep you interested.

We received a lot of emotion while listening to “SUMMER”. Maury unveils an addictive melancholic and infectious pop track rocked by infectious vocal lines and flawless production.

Listen now on Spotify:


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