The artist we discovered has appeared to be making a lot of noise in the music industry. Now accumulating almost tens of thousands of monthly listeners on Spotify alone. From only his latest released track “Figure It Out”, he managed to gain a lot of attention as his recent performance has clearly left an impression that is unbelievable.

“Figure It Out”  is a new single from Alabama-based hip hop artist, Who Bill. One thing that’s striking about this track is that there is a very acute balance between the words and the musical backing. Demonstrating his confidence and capability, the song is almost fully driven by Who Bill’s vocal delivery. His performance is quick-witted and engaging, like an amplified version of spoken word slam poetry.

The backing beat on this track is futuristic and slick, with a nice, crisp bass that’s sure to bump in pretty much any sound system. Bill’s delivery is dynamic and moves along in a rhythmic, methodical fashion. Occasional breaks in the beat help to shake up the song’s structure a bit, adding an element of complexity. The robust tune is balanced by a chill atmosphere and melodic vocals. With its fresh and slightly mysterious ambiance, this is definitely the kind of jam that seems ideal for nighttime drives through the city.

While the beat is minimalist, it definitely gives the song a rhythmic, bumpin’ structure. At the times when the music does kick in, it is utilized to great effect to provide a dark ambiance. This is just raw and authentic hip hop, without any smoke and mirrors it is indeed “Figure It Out” hype. Pretty good stuff.

“Figure It Out” is a whole world that you must experience now: 



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