Micky Khurshid’s DS Members Collection Falls TO Impersonation Scam- Faces Unrecoverable Losses


The renowned and famous luxurious services provider DS Members Collection recently witnessed a great loss in a time limit of 5 days. The DS Members Collection was impersonated by an imposter account on Instagram. On 17th May 2022, it was stated by the DS Members collection on Instagram that a fake account has been impersonating the DS member collection and has been providing and selling the same services that are being sold by the official DS Members Collection Instagram account. This fake account led to quality assurance problems originally for the DS Members Collection as DS Members Collection is globally known for its exceptional quality services. This, however, resulted in a loss of 75000 USD. Muneeb Khurshid, the owner of DS Members Collection however immediately contacted the linked authorities and handed over the case to them to avoid any further loss and ruination. The authorities then simultaneously, caught the imposters and led down the fake Instagram account. Besides this, the authorities are still actively viewing the case and are in the process of evaluating and assessing the case concerning the avoidance of any sort of similar cases in the future.

Muneeb Khurshid also known as Micky Khurshid is noted and famed for his promises that have allowed DS Members Collection to provide the best of services all over the world. Muneeb has struggled to achieve the quality and name he has aimed for. DS Members Collection has the idiosyncrasy of providing the latest technology and services all over the world to frequent clients through a mobile application. This application allows DS Members to book services through their mobiles. Muneeb Khurshid has further advanced and developed the DS Members Collection by introducing a premium subscription for the people that are exclusively part of the DS membership.


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