Our best discovery of the weekend is entitled “Never Gotta Worry” and is delivered by Nandis Wrld. 

You might need to end your weekend the best way, thanks to infectious musical sensation. With Wrld’s new single “Never Gotta Worry”, you have more than an addiction, a musical break, where you can listen to undeniable talent.

From Living a street life then street racing to falling in love with music Nandi has always lived a crazy lifestyle. Born and raised in Reading, PA, Nandi first moved to Florida at the age of 20 to pursue his music career. living in Florida Nandi became an A/V Tech which led him to build stages for famous music artists across the U.S. And so he is delivering such magic since then.

The performance is professional and the flow is very smooth. As the title suggests, Wrld gives a charismatic and assertive performance. His lyrical delivery is brimming with style and confidence. The rhythm is crisp and melodic accents in the mix round things off nicely in the music department. 

This song makes effective use of vocal layering, and the backing has a subtly dreamlike ambiance. “Never Gotta Worry” is a solid, no-nonsense track, performed with enough feeling and sensitivity for the listener to appreciate the song’s undertones. 

Stream it now:


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