This is the right time for our redaction to make a little summary of the month and end it with our best discovery. Here’s our Discovery of the Month! Our selection without a doubt is The Undecideds.

Well, Today we discovered a young band that somehow already feels classic: The Undecideds shared their new song, which is a cover of a throwback, indie, 80’s classic, “Oldest Story in the World”, an indie-rock track, we were captivated by the rhythm, the atmosphere, and the haunting vocals.

The tune is filled with melancholic vibes over a rock-infused production — a soulful voice over wailing guitars., the mysterious artist hits the right notes on a song. We had a great and real rock time while listening to the band. With their release “Oldest Story in the World”, The Undecideds Band is definitely going to make noise around their music.

There’s some really excellent guitar and drums playing on this track, The production is tight, much more technical, and polished than what one normally expects from this genre.. This young band seems much more seasoned than their years. They are siblings to boot. Keep an eye on them.

Listening to “Oldest Story in the World” is the guarantee to be captivated by sensations and to finally plunge into something new.


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