“DYING” is a new single from New York based rapper,Antoni. True to the title, this song is in fact one of the most mellow and meditative rap releases I’ve ever heard. The subtle pacing of the ambient backing music and Antoni’s soft spoken delivery makes it an effortless piece.

 Antoni’s  voice is hypnotic and pleasant to the ears.  Production wise, the tracks have a warm analog quality, We received a lot of emotion while listening to “DYING”, an addictive melancholic and infectious track rocked by infectious vocal lines and flawless production.

The presentation and content of this single  is more artistic than most chill raps i have heard previously. It elevates the genre from simple party jams and posturing to something more highbrow. It’s almost as if it combines rap with elevator music or easy listening. 

A mix between, sad rap and pop, and with extraordinary energy. “DYING” sweeps away everything in its path.

A pure and simple musical moment that we all need to keep believing in the music industry. 

Press play right now:


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