In our mission to discover the artists of today who will make the music of tomorrow, every day is an opportunity to go to the front of new artistic proposals. Miami artist JPOPD1 is part of today’s gems that we needed to share with you.

JPOPD1, a multi-genre singer, songwriter, and producer from Miami released his newest hit “Taste Your Lips,” under Leap Over Demons Publishing LLC. It is a new sound and wave that fans are sure to relate to and love.

This is a track that is easy to bounce with, thanks to the clear, flowing rap flow JPOPD1 has skillfully mastered. The instrumental sounds bright and uplifting, with strings and keys working seamlessly together to create a smooth and easy on the ears melody. 

The drum pattern sustains the track perfectly and the 808s are well balanced. The vocals are at the center, painting a vivid narrative for the listener to engage in. 

The semi-distortion vocal effect makes the vocals feel more raw and authentic. This with the powerful flow makes for a great composition. This is a highly recommended track and I am looking forward to future projects by JPOPD1.

Without further ado, listen to this unique song, feel free to follow JPOPD1’s Instagram to keep up to date with his latest news.

“Taste Your Lips” is available on all major platforms. Follow JPOPD1 on Instagram to keep up with future releases.


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