Our favorite of the day is a Pop gem entitled “Sober” by singers Tacboy and Sharkeyes who work under the label Wake Up! Music as ET Boys.

As the world starts to be able to move and be free again, Florida-based singer-lyricist Tacboy along with his brother Sharkeyes, who writes and composes the tunes, and together they have unveiled a captivating single that has an emotional vibe: “Sober

Starting with subtle lyrics and ET Boys’ smooth voices, the track brings us little by little on an explosion of feelings while the electronic elements blend together with an intense electric guitar.

“Sober” is a new world to explore, a musical experience that will catch your attention and feelings from the first notes which tells a story that is visually and dramatically supported by the high-intensity video which accompanies the track.

The “Sober” video brings you into the life of someone with a substance problem. From violence to losing his girlfriend, that life is falling apart before our very eyes. Also, the music video justifies the whole vibe of the track with its infectious melodies. ET Boys are definitely the singers that you should keep an eye on.

Press play right now:


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