People Think Kendrick Lamar and Drake Are Beefing


Some people think Kendrick Lamar and Drake‘s beef is alive and well following the release of Drake’s new Honestly, Nevermind album.

Drake released his surprise new dance LP Honestly, Nevermind on June 17, which happens to be Kendrick Lamar’s birthday. The same day, Drizzy put up an Instagram post with a series of photos that contained the caption, “How many more birthdays are you going to turn up before you grow up? You’re walking a fine line between being childish as fck and forever young.”

More speculation of Drake and Kendrick Lamar beef brewing rose after a post that allegedly came from Kendrick Lamar’s pgLang label cofounder Dave Free began floating around, where he appears to call Drake out.

“Petty ass nigga dropped on Dot birthday just to release the worst album of the year.” the post reads.

Free has since addressed the post on Twitter, calling it fugazi.

“Narrative shaping is getting out of control. I respect the troll, but at the very least, make me look good if you fake post me,” he tweeted on Sunday (June 19).

“Jimmy Cooks,” the sole rap song on Drake’s latest LP, features Drizzy sharing a track with 21 Savage. Some fans believe 21 is taking a shot at K-Dot on a particular bar, where the Atlanta rapper rhymes, “Big stepper, he came in a Rolls be he left in a stretcher,” with “Big stepper” being a reference to the Compton, Calif. rapper’s new album Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers.

“When you realize 21’s verse is Drake rapping about niggas like Kendrick and Pusha through 21 Savage… cause Drake said these Niggas ain’t worth his time but he’ll give them one 😂 dread talking to you niggas like I’m J Cole. Y’all don’t understand Drake like I do 😂😂😂😂,” someone added.

“Wait 21 savage talking about Kendrick? Or did I hear that verse wrong,” another person posted.

Others called the 21 Savage dissing Kendrick Lamar theory a huge reach.

“People realise Kendrick didn’t coin the term ‘Big Stepper’ right…?” someone else pointed out.

Drake and Kendrick Lamar seemed to have a good relationship early in their careers, collaborating on the hit song “Poetic Justic.” Things appeared to change after Kendrick Lamar’s “Control” verse in 2013, where Dot claimed lyrical supremacy on the Big Sean track while calling out rappers by name. Since then, Drake and Kendrick have been sending subliminal shots on songs and in interviews. There were even reports of things getting serious in 2016. It is unclear where they stand today. But many people think the beef is alive and well.

Seem more people reacting to possible Kendrick Lamar and Drake below.

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