Rising Miami based artist from Cuba, singer,songwriter, and loop maker, Doolie Banks released an emotional-driven and intimate single “BLV”. Honest and authentic, with a splendid sense of musicality: this is how we can describe Doolie’s music.

This young artist’s new track entitled “BLV”,  is an emotional pop song with precise flow and reassuring notes. We are always proud to discover artists that have the sense of the musicality. His latest project, encapsulates his own personal story of self-realization, love, and betrayal of those closest to him .

The musical backing usually features a dramatic, addictive driven beat, which keeps the action at a moderate level of intensity. Doolie’s delivery is laid back and unique. You can just tell he’s having so much fun along recording making such music videos. 

Doolie Banks has built his fan base on Instagram through his self-made aura that is defined by his talent. Make sure to stay tuned and check out @dooliebvnks on Instagram for new releases coming up. 

Dive right into it and stream the video on youtube:


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