Rising entrepreneur Hunter Prince Khalid is the go-to person when it comes to digital marketing

Over the years, technology has improved so much that it has become a way of leading the world. Digital marketing has become the new trendsetter when it comes to marketing and promotion. Hunter Prince Khalid is quite an expert and specialized in digital marketing services.

Born on 20 February 2004, Madhubani Bihar, Hunter always wanted to do something big in his life. Growing up, he was quite passionate about digital marketing and wanted to take it as a career and excel in it. This determination has made him one of the very successful and rising digital entrepreneurs in the industry. He is the founder of the famous marketing agency HPK MEDIA and Bite of Millionaire.

Around 4 years in the industry, Hunter’s digital marketing agency is regarded as one of the best PR agencies present in the industry. The agency provides services that help businesses to promote on different digital platforms. Hunter has a deep understanding of how the market actually works. Working from such a young age, he has gained quite a knowledge over time and through his gained knowledge of different advertisement techniques and effective marketing platform which helps in the promotion he was able to help several businesses to grow through digital marketing. The reason why his marketing agency stands out in the industry is that they provide proper tools that help business owners, both new and established, achieve success in the digital marketing space.

Other than being a top Digital Marketing and PR Expert, Hunter is widely recognized for being a Harvard World record holder. Harvard World is an organization that elevates your talent to a platform where the world can see you. They highlight and publicize their achievements, talents, skills, abilities, uniqueness or special quality that stands out. Hunter too applied to this organization where he was interviewed and later earned the title of “Young Digital Entrepreneur in India”. Therefore, at the age of 17, his name was recorded in the Harvard world record holder list which made his parents and district proud. Through this achievement, Hunter has gained quite a lot of recognition and appreciation from the public. 

Hunter is an inspiration to all the people out there who aims to work in the digital marketing field as he turned his dream of working in the digital marketing field into a reality. He is currently looking forward to turning his agencies, HPK MEDIA and Bite of Millionaire into the ultimate digital marketing agency for all the people out there.

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