Sadath Aboudou | Thriving Seattle Male Model


Sadath Aboudou is a thriving Seattle Male Model who started his modeling journey through his friend Lesa Cole. The idea of being a model came to his mind with the help of Lesa and he is very grateful for that. To be a model one has to carry oneself very confidently no matter how he or she looks. The key is one’s personality, thought process, and confidence to go further and present oneself as a role model in society.


Sadath’s Senior year pictures were captured by Ms. Lesa Cole. Fortunately, the pictures came out quite well. Sadath was assured that he was comfortable in front of the camera and this made him try modeling. This is the starting point of his modeling journey.



To be successful one must know how to handle criticism smartly. Sadath is a natural at handling comments because it is a fresh experience for him.



He is constantly exposed to fresh knowledge during his voyage, and he is able to absorb all of it, allowing him to have an open mind. He believes that in the modeling industry, one must have an open mind and the ability to respond to comments. These boxes have been checked by Sadath.



He has worked as a model for sportswear, streetwear, and the People brand. He currently models for Frodi, the brand of a close friend. In addition, he has modeled in traditional clothing.


Most of his experiences are from his athletic shoots. Sadath has collaborated with a friend of Lesa Cole’s, with whom he also made an athletic shoot. He did a couple with Rod Mar, who shoots for the Seattle Seahawks, and it was mostly a basketball shoot. With Rod mar, he conducted a track and field, football, and basketball shoot.


As a model, he is very proud of his choice but also aspires to work behind the camera as well as in front of it. He wants to experience and depict both sides of the world.



Talking about the daily challenges he faces in modeling, Sadath quotes, “Being new to it and having a lot of adjustments is probably the hardest part of the job because It’s not easy to adjust to the new information being thrown, some people take it and excel from it and others not so well. That’s the most challenging part.”


Sadath Aboudou has just been living his dream and we hope for the most glorious future for him




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