Our discovery today stands out from the crowd as he proposes something creative and different from what’s happening currently. 
Based in Chicago,  Calvin released what we would dare to describe as a promising RnB song and a tribute of all the legends that have passed away in the music industry it is entitled “Legends”.
He delivers a lush and original vocal performance and we feel that there is a certain interesting artistic research and you could feel each and every word of his song.
The flawless and fluid production showcases Calvin’s talent and we are pretty sure that he offers beautiful musical surprises in the future. 

The beats are especially dope and fueling the energy exuded by “Calvin”. His persona in the song is truly a tribute to artists who lost their lives. This alongside the beats, brought out the passion in him to deliver this song in a way that listeners would connect to.
You can find Calvin on the following social media down below.  This artist has great potential and definitely has what it takes to make it to the top of the music industry.  He tells it like it is and keeps it real.  So definitely watch out for him and go check him out.


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