If you are looking for positive sensations, pleasant melodies, and motivation: we are glad to announce that we have what you need!

The young talented artist has just dropped a new gem entitled “LIVE UR LIFE”, and the least we can say, is that it made our day

This song is about loss. It is about the difficult year 2020 has been for many people. It has a central theme to the song. To Live. To move forward. To overcome the difficulties. To accept the past and look forward. It has been hard. It has been difficult. We have lost work, Lost businesses. Lost loved ones. We have been asked to wear masks, work from home. stay distant from others. We have felt alone. We have felt trapped. We have endured a lot as a human race. But we must go on. We must struggle. We are not alone. We are all in this together. For better or worse, we must Live Ur Life Malin-g live Ur Life

Malin-G is a creative new singer-songwriter from Sydney Australia. Cool, sharp and innovative this bright new artist is flowing with fresh ideas while showcasing his songwriting skills with his debut song “LIVE UR LIFE”

The year 2020 will go down in history as the time in which Covid 19 took over the world.

The year in which the world saw an astronomical number of deaths and sickness along with the added burden of financial pressure on economies, where societies at large spent their time in lock-down, isolation and loneliness giving many the feeling of fear, desolation, and discouragement.

Malin-G refused to let the trials & tribulations of 2020 discourage him, instead focussing on moving forward in a positive light, turning the adversities into self-motivation. It was at this stage he decided to pursue on-line music-production lessons and commence with building his song-writing skills, at the start of this musical journey he reveals;

“woke up one day and the music & lyrics to Live your life were just there inside my head”

Live your life is an upbeat Dance/House track that evolves with a commanding beat, vibrant percussive instruments, and Jazzy horns. Full of vibrancy, the song is fun & uplifting.

This fresh new artist has created his debut track with a vision to stimulate and encourage the masses to “shake off the sadness” with an inspiring message of “life has been extremely tough, but we will surpass the hardships”



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