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If you need a moment of real music, this album is for you. The 17 tracks project is a gift. With flawless and versatile production (you will find good music and even funky vibes),  “The Distraction ” is a success from start to finish, and undoubtedly one of the albums of 2020.

Thematically, everything fits together well, and the sound is consistent throughout. Honestly, this is a masterpiece. It has more than obscure “avant garde” appeal as well, as the stellar (yet sparingly used) vocals bump these jams up a notch. There are songs on here that could genuinely be hits.

Stocking a selection of music for use in TV/Game/Film + Radio opportunity’s. Night Wolf has produced music for a selection of adverts such as Kooth and documentaries such as Anonymous , film trailer The Essex Boys Retribution, Music for the UK Government and officially remixed artists such as Mark Morrison, Devlin, Crooked I, LEAH and many others.

Having collaborated with many up and coming artists Night Wolf has released 5 EP’s ( Watts The Time Mr Wolf , Moonlight EP , The Co Lab Vol 1, Nightmare Before Christmas + Learning Pace Of Travel) and has featured on a wide range of single releases and compilations.

His message is highlighted by a unique and particular visual that shows another part of his talent. 

Stream it right now:

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