Our discovery of the day is entitled “Love Right Now” by Radio Free Universe
From the first notes, we fell in love with the artist’s vocal performance and the beautiful melodies unveiled by Radio Free  Universe. A moment of grace, a simple but pure musical moment. 
“Love Right Now” is the third single from the Radio Free Universe album “Love” which was released on March 27th, 2020.
Radio Free Universe made us travel at the pace of their voice’s and we literally disconnected from reality. A sure musical bet to have an outstanding day:
“This song is about the power of empathy. We are each our own light, individual beating hearts trying to survive. Now is a defining time in history. Where humanity will end up depends solely on our ability to love one another. When everything else goes away, love is all we have” says Frontman George Panagopoulos.

Their new album LOVE was written and produced by musical partners producer and songwriter Mark McMaster and producer, songwriter, and singer George Panagopoulos at Sanctuary Recording Studio.
With a genre-inclusive style, the Hamilton, ON quintet emit an inimitable and irresistible frequency tuned in to rock, alternative, funk, and pop all at once.
The musical journey of RFU frontman and primary songwriter George Panagopoulos has taken him on a long, winding path – from early days singing in musicals and opera to the study of Sufi singing and a delta blues rite of passage. It has taken him from fronting reggae bands to producing hip hop; from assisting some of the biggest names in music production in L.A. to founding a new studio in Hamilton that caters to developing artists.
These new songs of love, loss, and renewal were shaped by experience and real emotion. These are songs that remind the listener what it means to be human and why music matters.
The band plans to tour as soon as possible. Until then you can stay up to date at:


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