Have you ever been in a toxic relationship? One you left and only then did you realise how manipulated and blinded you were? Well, 144Troys new song “Hypnotized” showcases his own experience in a toxic relationship by merging his deep lyrics and upbeat instrumentals, that’ll leave you wanting more…

The Florida native is striving for the stars while being consistent in his work. Fear produces stagnation, but 144troy will conquer any obstacle in the pursuit of his dreams. When 144troy was five years old, he was given a basketball, and his passion for the game led him to places he never imagined a little point guard could go. 144troy has been writing poems, singing, and rapping since he was ten years old, and his love for music has never faded during his basketball career. 144troy felt as if all of his hard work had been for nothing after being cut from his high school basketball team, and his dream was no longer a vivid image.

144Troy’s new song “Hypnotised” is the most catchy mixture of electric pop and upbeat instrumentals that give off all the vibes you need, all intertwined to make an explosion of dopamine through your body. The best news? It’s just been released and this unique song will definitely be swooning its way onto your playlist, the lyrics follow the cliche story we all love but Troy’s fresh way that questions how being so in love with someone will often blind you to the red flags that reveal a darker part of your partner that you don’t notice until you escape the fantasy trance they have you in. Here is Troy’s breakdown of why he wrote the song and how he was hypnotized by his ex, “Hypnotized was written actually about two years ago. I wrote it about of course an ex-relationship that had been very controlling & crazy. You don’t really see what’s actually going on because you manipulated with the “love” that they show you. You’re blinded.” – 144Troy.

Through this fear, Troy turned to the world of music for support and from that resulted in a new passion he knew not of. Now at 22 Troy has emerged himself into a diverse musician who’s recorded a Pop/Reggaeton joint CD with musician Daniel Travieso, and has performed in a number of genres including Hip-Hop, R&B, and Pop. Every album by 144troy is made with a lot of love and effort. “Music gives me permission to feel anything I want to feel.” When it comes to exposing his vulnerabilities, 144troy is adamant about carving out a niche for himself. Troy’s interest in all forms of music is reflected in his studies of renowned performers such as Mac Miller, Ed Sheeran, Drake, and others.

“Hypnotized” is the pop song about toxic love that you didn’t know you needed, and since his last song “Wrong or Right” Troy has been blowing up more than ever. So let this be your sign to stream some of the catchiest pop songs that will never leave your playlist.

So what are you waiting for? Stream NOW by clicking the link below.


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