Who Is Alisha Watts Boyfriend? Charged with Murder as Missing North Carolina Woman Found Dead


In the world of trending news, a name that has captured the collective attention is Alisha Watts. Today, we delve into a disconcerting case – the mysterious disappearance of Alisha Watts. The news of her going missing sent shockwaves through the hearts of many. For her family, this was an incredibly trying time. However, recent updates have emerged, indicating that she has been found. As curiosity peaks, search engines are being flooded with queries, all seeking to unearth the details surrounding this news. In this article, we’ll endeavor to provide a comprehensive overview of the situation, addressing the unfolding events and inquiries that have arisen.

Alisha Watts: The Disappearance and Discovery

The journey into this perplexing incident begins with the figure of Alisha Watts, a woman hailing from North Carolina. The unsettling news of her vanishing gripped the community. However, recent developments on 24th August have brought forth a chilling discovery – her lifeless body was recovered. The question that inevitably emerges: where was she found? The answer lies in Norman, a quaint town nestled along the border between Richmond and Montgomery counties. With the recovery of her body, the Moore County Sheriff’s Office made a grim announcement – Alisha Watts’s boyfriend stands accused of murder.

Unveiling the Accused

The spotlight shifts to the suspected perpetrator, James Dunmore. His name has surfaced in connection to this tragic incident. Authorities apprehended Dunmore outside his residence in University City. His notoriety, however, extends beyond this recent event. Past records unveil a history marred by crime, notably violence against women. Allegations of abduction, stalking, assault, and battery cloud his past. These details paint a disconcerting picture of his character.

Shadows of Past Allegations

Digging deeper into the history, we uncover a woman who, until now, remains unnamed. She previously lodged a domestic violence protection order against Dunmore. Alisha Watts last made an appearance on 16th July 2023, departing from James Dunmore’s residence. Her intention was to attend a comedy show in Charlotte. Tragically, her attendance was never registered, triggering immense concern from her family. As she disappeared, a sense of shock and devastation gripped her loved ones. Their frantic search yielded no results.

Seeking Answers and Closure

As the investigation continues, questions abound. What led to these tragic events? What compelled Dunmore to commit such a heinous act? The authorities are tirelessly piecing together the narrative, aiming to provide answers to a heart-wrenching saga that has affected so many lives.


The story of Alisha Watts’s disappearance and subsequent discovery is one that has shaken a community to its core. The haunting details of her case remind us of the fragility of life and the darkness that can reside in unexpected places. As the legal process unfolds, and the truth gradually comes to light, we hope for justice to be served and closure to be found by those who held Alisha Watts dear.


Q1: What was the date of Alisha Watts’s discovery? A1: Alisha Watts’s body was found on 24th August.

Q2: Where was Alisha Watts found? A2: She was discovered in Norman, a small town along the Richmond and Montgomery county border.

Q3: Who has been charged with Alisha Watts’s murder? A3: Alisha Watts’s boyfriend, James Dunmore, has been charged with her murder.

Q4: What is James Dunmore’s history? A4: James Dunmore has a troubling history that includes allegations of abduction, stalking, assault, and battery.

Q5: When was the last time Alisha Watts was seen? A5: Alisha Watts was last seen on 16th July 2023, leaving James Dunmore’s house to attend a comedy show.


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