Xeyoa Fans are on Edge Awaiting Upcoming Project “Down in Flames”

Xeyoa, is a upcoming superstar and has used music as a escape which is now constructing constant hits on Spotify. Bringing in new listeners on a daily basis.

Xeyoa has turned such hardships into motivation At just 15 years old, he has achieved a firm position in the music industry due to his deep passion for making beats.

Looking to impact generations to come, he wishes to give his audience finding their footing in music the same advice he wished he knew himself while on the rise.

As we latch onto the heartwarming upbeats that come flooding from his upcoming release, “Down in Flames,” we get to build with the anticipation rising as this song progresses.

From a music standpoint, the peaks and valleys carved out by Xeyoa allow us to peek into the perspective lens he offers up. With a purely instrumental masterpiece to let the vision fill our head with interpretation, it is through a picturesque soundscape that we are immediately pulled into a narrative of heart-rending despair and curiosity.

Allowing our emotional train of thoughts to take us into the depths of storytelling, Xeyoa proves that words don’t need to be stated to grasp onto the bigger picture in front of you. As we search our heads for imagery that is rather vibrant in the melancholic approach Xeyoa takes, “Down in Flames” plays into the song’s meaningful concept at hand.


Quickly rising in popularity as his vulnerable state encourages a fan base of like-minded individuals to join Xeyoa on his journey, the wistful essence that is poured into this record leaves us amazed with the memorability Xeyoa allows us to embody.

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