Start of a new month: we were looking for the freshest track to celebrate the summer. And here we are amidst a pure magical musical journey. 

Today we have decided to give you a rare and memorable musical rap break. Indeed, when you are addicted to hip-hop, you tend to have very high expectations. Willv, which is our musical discovery of the day imposes itself effortlessly. Indeed, the artist who unveils the single “Outer Space” is a great surprise for us.

Musically, the track features a modestly paced beat and bright, exotically flavorful melodies. Willv’s sentimentally honest vocals ultimately carry the song, providing the artistic and emotional traction to free the listener of any negative vibes. His voice is empowering and has a sincere charm.

He characterizes his creative endeavors as essentially making melodic rap and lofi music. The recording quality on this track is probably better than what one would expect, as the sound is smooth, ambient, and bursting with sonic clarity. The pacing oscillates between reflectively mellow and moderately intense, with a beat that’s both hypnotic and invigorating.

Seriously, whoever handled production and mastering on the track should be up for an award. True to its title, this single will take your breath away. Without further ado, listen to the “Outer Space” project.


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