Our discovery today is what we craved for, for the weekend and our Sunday night. He is a Los Angeles Californian promising singer who started to create music at a young age and has plenty of talent, HELLSTRVCK. He dropped his first EP featuring  Blu Velvet.

The 4-track EP is one of the best projects entitled “I Should Be Sleeping” that we have heard for a long time. From the first song “Close Your Eyes” to the last entitled “Home” the artist delivers a perfect opus, flawlessly produced. It is a refreshing change in an area where singers follow trends and have a limited vocabulary.

The EP is explosive, believe us, the experience puts you into a trance, bring you into a parallel world, where everything is possible.

With unique creativity, a touch of alternative rap, and a mix of hip-hop, the artist offers his own vision of music and brings a new recipe to the table. We are not going to lie, this is what we crave for but this EP is something which we have not heard before in a while, a new alternative style.

This is exactly what we needed in order to disconnect from reality. A real moment of pure music, no lie, no trick. This is the best musical experience for a while, travel through the future. Be ready to jump into it right now:


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