Our redaction’s little addiction is hip-hop, you might know it now if you read our articles. However, we have been a bit disappointed lately by the rap projects we’ve listened to. That’s why our discovery of the day is a beautiful gift for the hip-hop world, that we are glad to introduce you to.

Dannii Scott, who we know thanks to his explosive energy and his infectious flow, on a new EP release entitled Beleza”.

The 6-track EP is one of the best Hip-Hop projects that we have heard for a long time. From the first song “Embora Pra Mim” to the last entitled “  Cold, Cold World the artist delivers a perfect opus, flawlessly produced, and with rare wordplay. It is a refreshing change in an area where rappers follow trends and have a limited vocabulary.

Indeed, the 6 tracks opus is a safe bet, not only for us but for many other media and hip-hop lovers around the world. With a true sound Inspired by an indefinite trip to South America, Beleza is about the Beauty of Brazil.,“ Beleza is a highly recommended project that you need to listen to right now!


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