“Take My Heart” will make our whole weekend as that’s the kind of song you want to share with the people you love.  A beautiful song unveiling acoustic melodies and soulful vocals.


Willv makes such sweetly juiced music on ‘Take My Heart‘ and this makes you want to laze in bed all day, headphones on loud and forget all your worries while having a relaxing nap to replenish your soul.

The lyrics are so understandable as we are all searching for that special soul to hold our hand tight and help us out of the sticky quicksand. That’s all we really need; an angel to help us get up and be strong again.

The Lofi-Pop with Rap fused in to make this a tasty song to lather our soul in, Willv is a talented singer-songwriter who has a golden voice that seems to have a hint of honey-coated filling inside to make it so sweet and tender.

There is lots of potentials here and if he can stay focused and work out what he needs to do in order to properly prioritize his goals for a long-term impact, the sky is literally the limit for this young talent.

Support this fast-rising musician on his Spotify and see more of the vision on his IG.


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