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We woke up this morning with the sweetest track we have ever heard this month. “Never Alone”, by Randy Seedorff impressed us and made our whole day thanks to a remarkable vocal performance over soulful production. 

Randy Seedorff has been writing and performing for over 30 years, with his interest in music starting at the young age of 11 when his mother gave him his first guitar.  A veteran singer, and songwriter, Randy comes from a musical family with a strong heritage in country music.

His voice brings comfort to your ears, instantly grabbing your attention, and you’re immediately hooked when he sings. The song gives you hope, faith, and love and is beautifully written. Randy Seedorf has delivered a mesmerizing record. He and his music are on the rise.

The colorful and laid-back old-school music sets the mood for Randy’s vocals. The song is actually quite catchy and the lyrics are brazenly and perhaps refreshingly honest. Incorporating elements of genuine feelings is what caught the attention, Randy’s casual, direct and propositional delivery style gets right to the point, making this a true party jam. 

Never Alone” is quite memorable, and it is from the album “Begin Again” and there is definitely an audience for it, for those who are in the right frame of mind. If we are not specialists in melodic soul music, we are able to recognize what good music is, and “Never Alone” is part of the best tracks of the month.

Stream it now :

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