Chandra was born in Minneapolis and raised in Flint Michigan. She is currently residing in Pittsburgh. 
Chandra began her career as a dancer at age three at the Flint School of Performing arts. While at Flint Institute of Music, she began taking piano and voice lessons at the age of 8 years old. In high school, she played the Flute in the school band.
After high school, Chandra attended Point Park University and received her BFA Degree. She also taught dance and choreographed in the city of Pittsburgh. In 2017, she began writing rap lyrics and became the rap name, Rhyme. Her first song as a rapper, Rhyme was the song, “Sis Please”. Also, during her come up as a rapper, she had the opportunity to open up for the rapper, Warren G, who is known for the song, “Regulate”. 
Sis Please is about standing up for yourself, making it happening, and showing her female enemies that she got it, and they can’t take it away from her.
“Sis Please” video can be seen on YouTube and “Sis Please” can be found on Spotify under the name, ThaRealRhyme, and it is also can be heard on SoundCloud.

Chandra’s current songs are: “Hit It Right” and “Relate”. Both songs have been released this year. “Hit It Right” is just a sexy song letting a guy know what she likes and making sure the guy hit the right spots If you know what I mean. “Relate” is about a relationship of a girl and guy where the guy keeps listening to everyone, and she is letting him know if it doesn’t relate to him and her as a couple, then he shouldn’t be listening to, or caring about what others say. He knows about her, and what they been through. So what they say, don’t matter. Based on the lyrics, the bottom line is jealousy. Some people cannot bear to see two people happy.
Checkout on Spotify:

After that in 2019, she released her first EP called “Going Up” which is on SoundCloud.
Chandra Rhyme’s music is a combination of Rap, Urban R&B, and Pop.
Chandra Rhyme would love to work with Rihanna, Wiz Khalifa, Travis Scott, and Don Toliver
Stream it now and don’t forget to connect with Chandra Rhyme


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