If you haven’t heard of Rap Fiesta, you will soon. The young Hip-Hop blog is leading the forefront in pushing hidden independent Hip-Hop and cultivating a brand that preserves the artistry of growing talents. In a recent co-sign from Charlamagne Tha God, the breakfast club power host is seen saying,

“I got to salute Rap Fiesta. They’re a rap blog based in New York and they’re dedicated to pushing independent Hip-Hop. I love that. Nobody ever puts a focus on the next wave of underground artists, [or] for the artists who haven’t popped off all the way yet. The independents don’t really be having an outlet, other than their social media- so salute to Rap Fiesta for creating a blog just for them.”

With a recent co-sign from Charlamagne Tha God, and an interview with Lexy Panterra last month, they seem to be gaining momentum & breaking new ground amongst their peers. With more eyes on Rap Fiesta, it means more eyes on new talent- and in turn, more future stars. Sade Cinco, the founder of Rap Fiesta, say’s that’s what it’s all about,

“I’m an artist myself, and following other blogs it’s plain to see that their main focus relies on artists that are hot or trendy at the moment. If you don’t have a certain amount of followers, or streams, they won’t even look at you… I’ve heard so many talented artists with little to no streams and wondered why nobody was focusing on them. That’s when Rap Fiesta was born, to give hidden talent a platform for discovery.” 

In more ways than one, they provide an outlet for talent to take the stage. This past May they began rolling out Instagram Live events such as Rap Fiesta Radio, and Fiesta Freestyles that have been in motion for over 26 weeks straight. These events allow artists to network, obtain feedback, and gain promotional opportunities in manners that are unparalleled to other creative outlets.

Rap Fiesta’s dedication to independent artistry is evident. Couple their ethic with the moves they’ve been performing recently, and you have a recipe for a brand that will be soon be known as Hip-Hops best kept creative secret. 


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