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Our discovery of the day is the most surprising for a long time; We are not going to lie, while listening to Yvng Popes latest offering “BALL”, we already knew that we were listening to something special and that would change the game.

This jam features colorful melodies and an exotic vibe. The ambient, retro-futuristic backing music is smooth, and Pope has a legitimately unique style. Combining spoken word poetry with singing and rapping, his delivery is very sincere. He has a knack for writing catchy, clever lyrics, and a couple of the rhymes made me chuckle a bit.

Delicate and inspirational, this track is brimming with optimistic vibes. The guitar-driven verses have a light, minimalistic feel, setting things up for the climactic moments, which feature full, bright, and downright euphoric mixes.

 Even with the production of the music video being so professional, the music has a very avant-garde and organic quality. There’s something very pure about this song. Pope is a  terrific singer, and the sincerity in his voice alone is enough to lift your spirits.

Press play right now and discover below the song:

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