We are starting our day on a perfect note thanks to our discovery of the day. He comes straight from New Jersey and is the kind of artist you absolutely need to keep an eye on: let us introduce you to BLANCO.

“Ronaldo” produced by Sal Grande has been captivated by the creativity and strong energy between Hip-Hop, and trap rhythm. Against the backdrop of a futuristic beat, the lyrics have a confessional quality, as the artist ruminates on why a relationship has gone sour. BLANCO  gives a sincere performance.

It’s a wild, roller-coaster ride of emotion and romantic tension, maxed out like a credit card. Characterized by melodic harmonies and a swift, surreal flow, this jam is smooth as molasses.

You would have understood it, Blanco’s music is characterized by infectious vocals and modern beats. Definitely an artist you should keep an eye on as he is on the right path.“Ronaldo” is now on repeat in our Spotify playlist, and we are sure that you will get addicted too:

Press Play Now to enjoy this masterpiece:


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