We discovered HELLSTRVCK a few weeks ago as part of his hit song  “Trust Me”. When we saw him, we felt immediately fascinated by his genre-blending his musical creativity, and most of all, his energy.
Since then, we followed HELLSTRVCK’s steps and we are absolutely excited about his latest release, entitled “Say It Ain’t So ” which will be released on 3rd July now available for pre-save 
HELLSTRVCK ‘s performance is, once again, outstanding. He has a natural and unique way to deliver the lyrics as if he was speaking right to your soul. Quite troubling and addictive at the same time. 
This song is definitely a sad rap song banger where HELLSTRVCK talks about his past experience
We reached out to him to know to ask about the concept of the song to which he answered.
“I want to keep this girl but keeping her is hurting me mentally , time after time I find myself getting hurt. The song is about being on the brink of giving up emotionally. It’s definitely one of my more sad songs because of the raw acoustic sounds being used similar to a xxxtentacion type beat.”
“I told this person that I don’t wanna live no more, not literally but emotionally, like I don’t wanna have an emotional drive anymore, so this song is just me talking about my feelings at the time”
What we admire about HELLSTRVCK is that every time he unveil a song or a visual, we can feel the musical generosity.
There is something for every taste while remaining consistent as HELLSTRVCKhis own vibe to each of the tracks. A pleasure for the ears and the soul. 
The song is a gift for our summer and it is going to be on repeat in our Spotify playlists after 3rd July.
Be ready to chill from start to finish chick here to pre-save


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