Our discovery of the day matches our expectations in terms of creativity and uniqueness. His name is DraMatiQue, and he has dropped a new album “Millionaire”, a 18 track album that will make our whole week.
Let’s say things right away: the 18-tracks album is one of the best Hip-Hop projects that we have heard for a long time. From the first “Why We Rock (Intro)” to the last one entitled “Champion” the artist delivers a perfect opus, flawlessly produced, and with rare rap technique. We told you, it is nothing like we can hear elsewhere, in an area where rappers follow trends and have poor quality tracks. 
Hailing from the West Coast with a blend of styles encompassing classic hip-hop, street anthems, & trip-hop, DraMatiQue delivers an impressive debut that showcases his remarkable creative abilities as the next hip-hop superstar in the making. Complimented by an impeccable delivery, mesmerizing wordplay, and cutting edge production…” Millionaire ” is an ambitious yet powerhouse hip-hop album that will undoubtedly solidify DraMatiQue in the forefront as an emerging force to be reckoned with in the music industry.
A bit of West Coast flavor, touches of Soul music, heavy beat: nothing but perfection. “Millionaire” will match your expectation without a doubt: 

“Millionaire” is available on all major platforms. Follow DraMatiQue on Instagram to keep up with him and other future releases.

Album Credits –

Executive Producer : D. Light

Recorded @ One Thang Productions in Sacramento, California

Edited by D. Light @ Foreva XtraOrdinary Productions

Full album mastered by Hotline Mastering – New York

©2020 Newborn Records LLC.

Published by Raiders of the Lost Art ( ASCAP )

Electronic press kit/bio –

(Click on About the Artist and gives the artist background )

Social media –


FB fan page page –

EPK/bio –

Website –


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