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 Our discovery of the day is entitled “Human” by singer-songwriter Shira Yaacobi.

The song – Human (written and composed by Shira Yaacobi) was originally written for the 2019 Euro-vision. It is her first song Shira Yaacobi wrote in English.
From the first notes, we fell in love with the artist’s vocal performance and the beautiful melodies unveiled by “Human”. A moment of grace, a simple but pure musical moment. 
Shira Yaacobi made us travel at the pace of her voice’s and we literally disconnected from the reality. A sure musical bet to have an outstanding day:
“This song is about love… We should all start looking at people with more empathy and less judgmental point of view. Empathy is one of the most important human quality that we have. Don’t forget – at the end of the day, we are all experiencing – love, sadness, failure, fear… We all have hopes and dreams and the desire to love and to be loved.”
The singer is Shira Yaacobi – an innovative Israeli pop singer that not only sings but writes and composes her own music. Shira Yaacobi was born in 1981 in Jerusalem. Shira began piano lessons at age 4. She has a true passion for art and music.
Shira Yaacobi : “I believe music has to power to change the world and shape our reality. It sparks something magically inside of us. We are all human, Unique. We should all rise up and be special, like we were as we were born before it is too late. This is why I wrote this song human. “
Shira Yaacobi manages to achieve what most contemporary pop artists fail to do. She has successfully harnessed the power of high-quality production without compromising the sensitivity and poetic substance of her song.

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