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We are sure that you will agree on the fact that it is so rare to discover Hip-Hop album that is complete, but also impressive and creative. Yes, it is rare, but not impossible. Our discovery today has proven our point: he  goes by the name of Shaquille Ray. 

The artist who has music in his blood and his guts since an early age unveils an electric work from Hip-Hop to R&B vibes, with flawless production and infectious vocals. 

You get the idea right away with the track, Plotting. Shaquille Ray employs some unique backing music that’s a real attention grabber and sets the tone for his distinctive delivery style. Not content to just bust rhymes, Shaquille Ray often creatively uses his voice like an extra instrument, really getting the most out of it. His delivery is tight, and the flow is off the charts, especially in the attention-grabbing track.
 He doesn’t try to be too flashy with his performance either. Rather, his delivery is organic and naturally larger than life. There’s a couple of his songs here that in my opinion are more imaginative than the originals. The backing music is much better than what you find on most hip hop releases and demonstrates that the artist incorporates an aesthetic vision into his releases. In other words, the guy has good taste. These tracks are never boring Shaquille Ray dials up the entertainment level to the max. This tape punches above its weight. It’s not surprising to see that it already has so many streams.
Press play now and discover “Plotting”:

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