The day has finally arrived and we needed the best vibe to accompany our children moments and parties.  Our focus of the day comes at the right time: he goes by the name of The Kid PhillyPhil, and with his latest banger “Immer noch” we immediately adopted him.

Immer noch unveils flawless production, energy between pop and R&B, as well as a catchy hook.  The song was made in Croatia, german rap/pop. It’s about still being in the music industry against all odds.

This is why when we first heard “Immer noch”, we knew that we were listening to something special. Not only The Kid PhillyPhil has a unique and recognizable voice, but also he has a particular energy and a story to tell. 

The track also shows a little bit of the artist’s sentimental side. On this track he goes beyond rapping and demonstrates that he’s a fairly capable singer. This single is fresh, and the performances live up to the polished production and stylish beats.
We hope to be able to hear much more from this artist, that with so little music he has left much to talk about.
This is just raw and authentic pop, (not surprising, without any smoke and mirrors or “Immer noch” hype. Pretty good stuff.
Listen on Spotify:


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