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It is always refreshing to hear unique talent in the current music industry, especially emerging independent music artists.

Our discovery of the week is “sadgods”, and we had a great and real rock time while listening to the artist’s latest single “i can’t lie” featuring Clay Novocaine and Tom The Mail Man. These artists are definitely going to make noise around their music.

The instrumentals are almost more reminiscent of alternative rock, as the musicianship on this release is much more precise and advanced than what is typically associated with other kinds of music. However, the atmospheric spirit is entirely alternative with its lyrical commentary and tone. The mix is full and rich with sonic intensity, with the guitars and drums driving the action.

The music collectively offers everything that we needed on this Sunday of October to keep faith and hope in music. Simple and pure melodies, rock energy, and above all catchy vocal lines. The vocal performance is cruelly additive, surprising, and the guitarists’ energy is unprecedented. beyond a genre, sadgods has unveiled a true musical experience.

Dive into it right now:

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