Apart from being musically on point, Ely Waves has a creative vision as he and his friend Jauque X featuring in the chorus, unveiled a new kind of hip-hop/rap song, “fix me” a different vibe from what we already heard along with the grooving production by Beautiful Beats.

The rhythm and the track’s structure bring something new to the table and will have you sing with them.”fix me offers listeners an insight into the artists’ perception of hoping somebody will fix him, but in the end, he realized that he had to fix himself.

The music is avant-garde and ethereal, exhibiting a dreamlike quality but not something that will put you to sleep. It’s compatible with listeners who are in the mood to chill and vibe to a song that is about to move on and fix one’s life all in all.

While not being explicit, the music is sexually charged and emits a tasteful, comfortable vibe. We immediately fell in love with  Ely Waves’ haunting and infectious rap bars. Their vocal performance brought us away from reality: an exceptional musical journey. 

Without further ado, listen to “fix me” made so authentically by the trio right now:


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