If you are looking for positive sensations, pleasant melodies, and motivation: we are glad to announce that we have what you need! Our best project of the month is entitled ‘Beat It ’ is the title of a new single release by “Grit Harbour“. What we admire about Grit Harbouris that every time they unveil a song or a visual, we can feel the musical generosity.

Grit Harbour is a rock band out of Los Angeles, delivering a unique sound that blends elements of rock, folk and indie alternative. The band features James Markas on lead vocals and rhythm guitar, Corey Klass on lead guitar, Edwin Telford on Bass, and Will Carroll on drums, each a multi-instrumentalist both in the studio and on stage.

Their style and performances have gained fans throughout and continue to captivate audiences at every show and through their recordings. They take influence from iconic artists such as Bob Dylan, The Beatles, Marvin Gaye, Nick Drake, The Rolling Stones, and The Doors.

One of the unmistakable qualities of Grit Harbour and its ability to create stunning-sounding music. They accomplish a lot with a little. The guitars and drums all swell together to create a delicate yet powerful sound that displays the exact emotions the lyrics are going for.

The hard-hitting production, the perfect sense of the musicality the creativity in a world where many bands sound the same, and the infectious vocal performances: this is what we call MUSIC.

“Beat It” will accompany your days, will make you sing out loud, and will make you feel alive.

Stream it now:


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