The captivating, rapper Deranged the Insane got us addicted from the first notes of “Down for my”, his captivating Hit. A mix between, rap and hip-hop, and with extraordinary energy. “Down for my” sweeps away everything in its path as it’s made in the memory of his homie who was shot on New Year’s Eve 2019A pure and simple musical moment that we all need to keep believing in the music industry.

Born in Panama City and raised in the Deep South within the state of Georgia, Rapper DERANGED THE INSANE is simply talented. With his ability to make songs that interest all kinds of music lovers, he started nurturing his talent while he was only a teenager.

Before he decided to step into music as a solo artist, Deranged began to rap in a group called Killah South. When you listen to his rap style and art, be sure to envision the full version of himself. 

The presentation and content of this single are more artistic than most chill raps I have heard previously. It elevates the genre from simple party jams and posturing to something more highbrow. It’s almost as if it combines rap with grooving music/beats or easy listening. 

This is a new single and it’s got the lyrical video as well from a rap artist, Deranged the Insane. This guy knows the formula for how to write and perform a song. The beat has an organic, almost folkish feel and really sets the tone for Deranged the Insane’s sentimental and sincere vocal delivery.

The rapper’s voice is expressive and through its various sounds functions as its own kind of additional instrument. “Down for my” is actually fairly unique and refreshing and the rapper is just way too talented.

 Stream it now:



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