Rising Norwegian star Young Cisto,  who’s often been referred to as the Travis Scott of Norway, is coming back harder than ever with his new insanely catchy bop ‘Kumbaya’ and you won’t want to miss out on the serotonin this summer hit releases.

Young Cisto, an Oslo-based hip hop musician, with a Ghanaian heritage who grew up in Italy, began recording music at X-ray Ungdomkulturhus in 2011. The humorous and ambitious artist has developed several afro-beat singles such as ‘Africa Sauce’ and ‘Red Flag,’ songs that are still constantly replaying in my head they’re that catchy! What’s more Young Cisto is promising more new tracks that you’re sure to love.

‘Kumbaya’ is the definition of songs for many atmospheres, whether you’re vibing with your friends in the field or dancing with a girl in the club, ‘Kumbaya’ means “harmony between people” and that’s certainly what the song does when it engulfs you into its flawless melodies. This song, however, is better than ever due to Cisto collaborating with Dihav, another Norwegian based hip-hop artist. The metaphors of the song are truly brought to reality with the collab of a lifetime between people from the same Norwegain hip-hop community.

Dihav’s style of hip-hop is comparable to cloud rap and reggaeton. Dihav is an English/Kurdish rapper located in Oslo. He began his career in July 2020, and since then, he has published four songs and an EP in Kurdish and English, all of which have received great comments, and there is rising interest in that form of music in Europe.

Young Cisto and Dihav met at a performance where they were both performing; they immediately realised they had a goal and became friends. They both saw the potential for a banger and so they made it happen! These young dedicated hip-hop artists are determined to put Norway on the music map, and ‘Kumbaya’ definitely foreshadows this.

Weeks later ‘Kumbaya’ is made and ready to be loved by everyone, that’s how versatile Young Cisto is with his music. In the coming weeks, we’re prepared to have more captivating music from Young Cisto, as he prepares for his concerts. It’s clear that Cisto has a lot of potentials and we’re all ecstatic to see where it leads to.

So what are you waiting for? Stream ‘Kumbaya’ NOW! And share the harmony with your friends as you vibe to the coolest melodies ever.


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