The Berry Story is an inspirational work


The Berry Story is an inspirational work, written to show the grim reality of life, how someone can be excluded and go through thick and thin, but still find a way to rise to the point of self-affirmation and acceptance. It provides wisdom to enlighten our lives with brightness and allows the reader to heal and grow through the flaws of their weaknesses. This book is set as a series and the part one has its audio and coloring book already done.

Brandon the blackberry, is no less than a unique and extra caring kid. What makes him sensitive is the remarks and taunts directed at him by some kids. Brandon is regularly bullied by those he wants to befriend and this situation crushes him and creates confusion in his mind. He is stuck between the nice words he receives from his parents, who constantly remind him that a kid must be good to others, and the bullying he experiences every day. Brandon spends time figuring out how to make friends and be accepted. He tries to befriend other kids but ultimately receives rejection and hatred instead of love and acceptance. He keeps his hopes high as he sees that everybody is not evil and his greatest wish, to become better than others, is not, however, shattered.

I believe that readers of my book will be motivated to thrive through life regardless of difficulties and learn to find strength within themselves in uncertain times, but mainly how to stand up to bullying and rejection. The story delivers a strong message that anyone who is a victim of bullying can always stand up against it but still remains kind.

The link to the book is not yet available. it will be published on June 25.


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