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Today our focus is on Tayong,  a Hip Hop artist hailing from Luton, UK. The artist, who is into music for years, has always made sure to share his music with the world.

His latest offering “1994” illustrates our point thanks to a unique recipe between chill jazzy rap and hip hop and alternative sonorities. The outstanding artist creates his own style between laid-back and haunting flows, sharp and powerful rap bars.

He is a multi-talented artist who is able to sing and rap over any beat with the ability to keep the listener engaged for an entire project without the need for any features. It’s just the most cohesive in terms of the different musical elements working well together, and the melody is the most detailed and precise in his music.

Creative and original artists are rarer and rarer these days. This is why we immediately know it when we are listening to something special. Thanks to his determination and talent Tayong has worked really hard to reach this point also worked alongside some of Rap’s legends which impacted his journey in a positive way. 

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