Today our focus is on Luke Nolimit, Miami Bred, and LA-based Hollywood manager who is exploring growing Music Narcos Roster. He strives to put artists first and has negotiated contracts on multiple occasions for artists to get them the best deals.

Luke (Nolimit) Hincapie set forth that he will be enlarging and developing his already growing Music Narcos roster of talent that includes multi-platinum producer Jimmy Duval. While he had planned for his brand to go well far off the scope of an average manager, he comprehended the importance of his initial role in the process of building an artists’ career and sees his own career going beyond the scope of managing an artist. 

After Luke Nolimit met Jimmy Duval and his current business partner (Metin Kumru) in Florida while performing at a festival, the two developed a bond that influenced the two far beyond music as the two now both reside in the famed Laurel Canyon where a range of Los Angeles artists have found inspiration. 

The industry needs managers like Luke who can bring out the best in any artist who is striving to stand out in a crowd,  he really takes care of the artists he works with and maintains professionalism with a perfect attitude meanwhile helping his artists to reach their goals.


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