Our redaction admires the talents behind the scene of the music industry. These persons in the shadow are the reason why we can listen to our favorite artists in the best conditions. We are talking about magicians like  Da$ha young artist from New York City.

Da$h is up with a new banger entitled “So Far Away”, a banger that blends rap with touches of futuristic hip-hop, featuring IG4 Music and 637godwin. The artist offers a unique signature also he is a songwriter who is still exploring his hidden talents in the field.  

This avant-garde heartfelt hip-hop track is beautifully melodic. The afflicted sentimentality and tender charm in his vocals will instantly endear you to Da$H He has one of those softly assertive voices that seems built for songs like this. The heartfelt touch in the artist’s voice and the understanding of the notes at such young age is remarkable.

The production is epic, the lyrical content is powerful and spread important messages, the track is simply a bomb. We honestly think that “So Far Away” is a little musical miracle that we all needed as the full track delivers a message, a force of determination and motivation.

Play now and enjoy:


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