Let us introduce you to our best discovery of the day: YRB “HEAVY & BADDIE”. Beautiful and talented, They are fresh air for the music industry.

They just released a music video for a new kind of banger entitled “Bum Summer”

What I really like about this song is the beat. Despite the song not being particularly aggressive, you get the sense this jam would seriously bump if you were listening to it in a car. My advice would be to crank up this tune when you’re rolling through town and just cruise down the main street. There’s definitely some potential here.

The vocal lines’ performance is catchy, addictive, a flow that stands out from the crowd, and touches your soul. We know the Duo rap group for being productive, so we expect more songs in the coming weeks, and we just can’t wait for it. Thank you for this musical moment YRB, it is a lesson of good music.

“Bum Summer” is infectious from start to finish, press play now:

Don’t waste a second and press play:


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