Ryan Lukosius, or better known as High Note, Is a seasoned music producer and DJ with over 10 years of experience in producing Hip Hop and in his earlier days Psy Trance.
In the last couple of years, Ryan has started his latest project High Note taking a step away from Hip Hop and diving into Progressive house soundscapes.
The discovery of our day is High Note’s lastest upcoming song from his latest upcoming Ep”Drifting Thru Skies” It is rare to discover such projects: where you will find a quality, flow, and story. This is the most exciting release that we’ve heard for a long time!
The Track is called  “Above The Clouds “, Elevating the listener to higher conciseness, creating a dreamy melodic vibe, floating through the unknown with a chunky bassline to get those bodies bouncing.
This track above the clouds is being released on the 24h of July 2020 via Pump and Fade records.
This is why when we first heard “Above The Clouds”, we knew that we were listening to something special. Not only High Note has a unique and recognizable voice, but also he has a particular energy and a story to tell. 
High Note something like a hidden gem we’re blessed to have stumbled upon. We’re known for featuring vanguard artists and hearing “Above The Clouds” has been somewhat refreshing for us, especially in this era of music.
The song is a gift for our summer and it is going to be on repeat in our Spotify playlists after 24th July.
Be ready to chill from start to finish find the music below 


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