Our artist of the day is OGprettyboyCarl  that we already knew thanks to his banger ‘Fiji Board”
Well, the talented young rapper is back with a bomb entitled “Only Fans”.
The Virginia -based OGprettyboyCarl is one of those rare rappers able to bring creative vocal lines as well as original and flawless rap technique. “Only Fans” THE banger for sunny days, even at home (damn “Coro” situation)!
OGprettyboyCarl is probably one of the most promising artists of early 2020.
We were so excited to listen to real pure rap music, that we had a look at all OGprettyboyCarl music library. Same observation on tracks like “Only Fans” or “Fiji Board”. He teamed up again with “BigBoss Splashin” and “4oexsplashin” to provide a real moment of Hip Hop.
Just make sure to stay close to OGprettyboyCarl and to follow his steps on:

Just make sure to stay close to OGprettyboyCarl  and to follow his steps on:


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