When the first few seconds of an intro give you chills, you know you’re about to be treated to an exceptionally sonorous track. This is exactly what you get from Through the Silence the latest single from up-and-coming producer K.S.M.

K.S.M is an artist with a style that can’t be matched. Usually, ambient beats are good for very little other than slapping on a coffee house playlist. Yet Rockabye Through the Silence is slow and delicate at the same time as being resounding and hard-hitting. There is so much emotion weaved into both the beats and the vocals which sit perfectly together in the mix.

K.S.M is emerging onto the international electronic music scene with a sound defined by hard-hitting bass and driving energetic rhythms. The young producer is quickly making a name for himself with tracks that pay tribute to the greats while driving the genre into bold new territory. His music is meant for both late nights with headphones and lively dance floors across the world. With a slew of new releases scheduled for 2021 and beyond, K.S.M is on his way to carving out his own unique legacy in electronic music.

 I’m really rocking with the tone on this one it went in the right direction for the sound he created, vibrant and expressive. You can check it out and his platform below!


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