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We might be a bit too exigent, but above all, we are looking for creativity and never-heard vibes. The challenge of being unique at these times has been met by one of our favorite artists Rayan Bauer.

Today, we have discovered the perfect song for our day. The song is entitled “Cannibal”, by Rayan Bauer.

His latest musical gift is entitled Cannibal and surprised us from the first notes. The pop-infused melodies, catchy and captivating vocals, infectious hook: the song has a strong addictive appeal, this is what we call a banger. 

Rayan Bauer,, offers positive moods, good vibes. The kind of music on which we can count to cheer us up during the grey days. 

Definitely, a chill song you can just vibe, do whatever too in general. we welcome them to the mag and will be looking out for more drops.

Cannibal” is now on repeat in our Spotify Playlist.

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