Our track of the day is exactly what we needed to continue this week on the right foot. It is entitled “Music”, by the talented artist Heavy Hooks and it is now on repeat in our playlists and for our greatest delight!

We love the way the song plays with your head and feelings and the way it blends a different kind of music genre: Hip-hop flirts with electronic music and touches of  jazzy notes
And let’s be honest, for us, it’s been a while that we did not have such a pleasant moment. We have found exactly what we were looking for with Heavy Hooks.
This song is about the healing and soothing nature of music. It is also about how music fits into the current mood of a person. If you are sad you can choose to play sad music to stay in that feeling or upbeat music if you want to be cheered up. No matter what music is an integral part if everyone’s life.
Definitely the kind of music that you won’t find anywhere else. See by yourself:


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