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One of the fastest-growing music channel right now is SauceOnly who currently sits at 50,000 thousand subscribers, in fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if the sub count is outdated by the time this post comes up, Although this is not the most popular music channel it is certainly up there, what if I told 6 months ago SauceOnly had under 25,000 subscribers and since the beginning of the year it has doubled the number of subscribers.
SauceOnly did a great job of bringing attention to their channel as they have built their own sort of Youtube Brand by being consistent and uploading music regularly on Youtube and it has managed to maintain a strong presence on Instagram and Spotify. Currently, SauceOnly still has a strong focus on growing its YouTube presence with just over 50k subscribers.
The YouTube platform that aims to “Promote the Future”. SauceOnly is run, Brandon Sauers. There he works with upcoming artists to get their music heard in a variety of ways on many platforms. Originally starting off as strictly a YouTube channel, 
Founder and curator of SauceOnly, Brandon Sauers has given opportunities to artists through its platform to enhance their careers. From starting as a  music channel to a curated playlist, to now a recording label.
SauceOnly has definitely the kind of music that you won’t find anywhere else. See by yourself:

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